All types of hand rejuvenation

before and after skin rejuvenation

The first thing that shows your age, especially for women, is the skin on your hands. After all, hands are more exposed to the environment and household chemicals than any other part of the body, and require special care like the face or even more. With age, the skin on the hands becomes thinner and the subcutaneous fat disappears. We spoke with a plastic surgeon about how to care for the skin in this area and what methods exist for rejuvenating it.

cosmetic methods

Most of the time, with the problem of skin aging in this area, you turn to a beautician and almost never to a surgeon. And not because the word "surgeon" sounds intimidating, but simply because there is so little information today about surgical rejuvenation methods.

Hands age when the skin starts to lose elasticity, it loses moisture, volume and elasticity due to the fact that the amount of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid decreases with age. The first changes start from the age of thirty, when the skin of the hands becomes drier, the first folds appear as a precursor to wrinkles, the amount of adipose tissue decreases and veins appear. With age, venous nodules and dilated veins, age spots, keratosis and other types of cancer may appear, which will also require treatment.

It should also be remembered that skin aging depends on its type. It comes in thick, thin, normal, mixed, oily, dry and normal. The most interesting thing is that overweight women age more slowly than thin women. This is partly due to the youth and beauty hormone, estrogen, found in fatty tissue. However, skin aging does not depend on age - everything is individual, so the frequency and number of procedures will depend on a particular woman's skin condition, her genetics and external factors that affect her. And this process is lengthened in time depending on what the patient wants to achieve.

Paraffin baths made of cosmetic paraffin, purified from impurities and dyes, to which complexes of vitamins, minerals and trace elements are often added, moisturize, brighten, smooth wrinkles and cleanse the skin. However, this method is suitable for young hands and is used as a prevention rather than a cure. The effect will be visible immediately after the first session, you can also do it at home.

Whitening creams are prescribed to women to prevent and fight age spots, which often appear on the hands with age. These creams often contain substances that destroy melanin in cells, as well as substances that regulate the work of melanocytes (cells with melanin). They should not be used during active sun exposure and should be allergy tested before use.

Peelings (medium, superficial and deep) remove the top layer of the skin and thus contribute to its rejuvenation. Superficial are used at the first signs of skin aging - they eliminate the signs of photoaging and increase the skin's elasticity. For example, a glycol peel will help restore the top layer of the epidermis, stimulate collagen synthesis, and keep the skin more hydrated. Superficial and medium-acting chemical peel regimens can be different. Deep peels eliminate age spots and calluses.

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Laser is the most popular procedure in Ukraine, which can also rejuvenate the skin of the hands. When the patient hears this word, he immediately rushes to the procedure, it's like a magnet for the modern world of beauty. Laser procedures activate collagen synthesis in the skin, due to which it becomes denser, scars, wrinkles and keloids are removed. However, you should not count on the miracle that this treatment will bring - they are not a panacea.

There are also hand rejuvenation techniques using plasma and radio waves. You can take advantage of photorejuvenation - high-intensity light radiation, which stimulates collagen production and significantly increases skin resistance.

Surgical and injection methods of correction

Trendlifting is a tightening of the skin of the hands with threads that create a subcutaneous skeleton. There are two types of threads that can rejuvenate the skin on your hands. These are mesoreads, substances within which their own recovery processes take place, improving the appearance of the skin. Over time, they heal. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and there may be slight swelling and bruising. The effect after treatment is visible after 2-4 weeks. Then it will gradually increase. The validity period is about one year.

The second type of yarn is made from polypropylene or polylactic acid. Due to the presence of cuts, they firmly fix the fabric and prevent it from falling out. To tone, strands are placed just above the wrist. Only a few punctures are made in the skin, and the result is visible almost immediately.

Lipofilling is a surgical method that aims to change the appearance of the back of the hands, replacing the deficiency of subcutaneous fat. The patient's own fat is removed from the donor area and placed in the hands. During this manipulation, hypercorrection occurs, as 30-50% of the fat is reabsorbed. Sometimes, of course, almost everything disappears over time, in these cases we repeat the procedure. After the procedure, you may feel pain in your arms, similar to what you feel with a bruise. Edema can last about 10 days or more, it all depends on the patient's body.

Injection mesotherapy and biorevitalization give the same rejuvenating effect. A filler based on hyaluronic acid or a meso-cocktail is introduced into the skin of the hands, which additionally moisturizes the skin, giving it elasticity. The result may be noticeable after the first attempt, but it depends on the initial condition of the skin of the hands. Doctors often recommend several treatments to maintain the effect over a long period of time.

However, currently, the most popular method of treating all parts of the body, including the hands, is plasmolifting. Stimulates collagen and elastin production and improves skin tightness. The plasma concentrate from the patient's own blood is injected under the skin from the fingers to the wrist. The effect lasts for the duration of the healing. The number of these procedures varies according to skin type. But, as a rule, from 5 to 10.

In conclusion, it can be noted that there are no absolutely safe procedures for hand rejuvenation, as well as a single approach. As for creams, remember that they are absorbed by the skin by a maximum of 5%.