Facial rejuvenation products

The first effective, safe and relatively free remedy for facial rejuvenation is facial massage and facial gymnastics and any other facial manipulations aimed at increasing blood circulation in this part of our body. For those who find this information insufficient, I will tell you about a few more remedies for facial rejuvenation.

The skin needs daily care. And with improper cleaning, the skin can be damaged as the protective layer of the epidermis is broken down, which disrupts the normal functioning of the skin or causes further damage. So you need to take care of your skin properly.

2 effective skin care rules to remember:

  • cleaning the skin or face should be regular (morning and night),
  • cleaning should not be aggressive and suitable for your skin type.

In addition, facial care must also be adapted to the season of the year and the health status of the person doing it. Any kind of hormonal problem, pregnancy, allergies, depression. . . all these things can affect your skin needs to be adjusted.

Moisturize the skin after each cleansing. Hydration is essential for the healthy appearance and proper functioning of the skin. Hyaluronic acid molecules are responsible for the moisture level and have an incredible ability to hold a thousand times more water. The higher the level of hyaluronic acid in the skin, the more radiant, fresh and youthful it will be.

All facial treatments are effective only after thorough cleaning and sufficient hydration of the skin. Consider the most popular of them.

photo before and after skin rejuvenation

Bee sting - bee venom rejuvenation

Bee venom has a similar effect to Botox and is also called "natural botox". Bee venom or apitoxin also contains strong combinations of enzymes, peptides and amino acids that are often found in skin care products.

The main protein of apitoxin is melittin, which has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects, as well as stimulating blood circulation and collagen production.

The procedure begins with cleansing the skin around the eyes and face. This is followed by the application of the peeling, which is also applied to the hands. After the peel is removed, the skin is toned and then a mask with bee venom is applied to the eye contour.

The next step is to apply a mask, followed by a relaxing leg and foot massage. After removing the mask, the face is toned, after which a cream with bee venom is applied. After the anti-aging treatment, the skin is radiant and elastic, and the smallest wrinkles are smoothed, at least temporarily.

Rejuvenation procedure with caviar

The cellular structure of caviar is very similar to the structure of human skin, and thanks to the production of high-quality collagen, it can slow down the aging process. Caviar is rich in amino acids, which are absorbed directly into the skin, providing a rejuvenating effect. Skin looks younger and less tired.

Due to its marine origin, caviar is also rich in omega-3 acids, which make the skin radiant.

The procedure begins with a superficial cleaning of the skin. Then you should do an anti-aging massage of the face, neck and décolleté and peeling.

After removing the peel, a mask is applied to the face from a mixture of plant extracts. After that, tonic with caviar is used. The luxury treatment intensely renews mature skin and reduces wrinkles.

Facial skin rejuvenation with French products

In its rich offer, the French company also offers a revolutionary novelty. It is formulated with three ingredients created in advanced research laboratories that combine active ingredients from two botanical species: turmeric and sophora, as well as dual action peptides that fight oxidative damage while activating the regeneration of our skin cells.

Anti-aging treatment begins with the application of a toner containing phytic acid and glycolic acid. Which prepares the skin for peeling with rice powder. Next comes the application of two serums, one for the upper part of the face and the second for the lower part.

32 movements are used, which include acupressure and massage techniques that reduce and eliminate wrinkles. After cleansing and applying another massage cream, the mask is applied with sweeping movements. After removing the mask, the face is toned and an eye cream and facial serum are applied.

There are many products for home use. The line offers 5 different creams, each with unique ingredients. And also different textures are available for different skin types.

There are also anti-aging serums that enhance the effect of creams. And they are crucial for maintaining youth. We also recommend other branded face cleansers, eye creams and night creams.

Rejuvenation with Slovenian cosmetics

Slovenian cosmetics brand offers rejuvenation with gold. An anti-aging treatment with 24 carat real gold rejuvenates, smoothing the finest wrinkles and firming the skin.

It is confirmed that gold in the smallest particles acts in the rejuvenation of the skin and improves its tone. When gold is applied to the skin, it activates electrons in the cells, thus stimulating their regeneration and growth.

The treatment begins with cleansing, which prepares the skin for the next steps. When performing manual drainage with the fingertips, after which an anti-aging liquid is used. Then a mask containing small pieces of pure gold is applied, and then a second mask is applied over it - a warm compress of beeswax.

The mask is also applied to the hands. After removing the wax mask, the remainder of the mask is massaged into the skin for additional hydration. After the procedure, the skin glows, looks young and well cared for. To prolong the effect, it is recommended to use a day or night cream from the range.

Ampoules and eye cream are also available. In addition, the company has a rich assortment of other lines: with collagen or with 3 peptides.